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Talking Back to the Machine: Computers and Human Aspiration
Talking Back to the Machine: Computers and Human Aspiration


From the editors of the wildly successful Beyond Calculationcomes another exploration of the overwhelming impact of computers on our future. This time, the essays focus on the human impact of computer technology and culture: how computers will affect the ways we teach, learn, communicate,relate to each other, and live in the coming decades. The contributors, representing the best of many fields, include Secretary of Defense William Perry on how computers will affect warfare; Brian Ferrin on technology and storytelling;Patti Maes on intelligent agents; Nobel Laureate Murray Gell-Mann on the quality of information; Eliot Soloway on the impact of computers on education; and many more. Like Beyond Calculation, praised by the New York Times for its “astonishing intellectual reach,” this sequel engages readers with some of the most compelling and important issues of our time.

From one of the editors of the renowned book Beyond Calculation, acclaimed by The New York Times for its “astonishing intellectual reach”, comes a new collection of equal brilliance. Focusing on the impact of computers on humans, Talking Back to the Machine features essays on how computers will affect the ways we live, learn, teach, communicate, and relate to each other in the coming decades. Outstanding contemporary thinkers describe the myriad ways, both good and bad, in which our lives will be altered by information technology, and what we can do to influence these changes. Talking Back to the Machine is a must-read for anyone who is interested in technology and society.

Author(s): Gordon Bell (auth.), Peter J. Denning (eds.)

Publisher: Copernicus, Year: 1999

ISBN: 978-1-4612-7433-9,978-1-4612-2148-7

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