Corporate Finance: Principles and Practice(pdf)电子书下载_Seventh edition

Corporate Finance: Principles and Practice (English Edition)

“Strikes the right balance between the theoretical concepts and their applications”

Ortenca Kume, University of Kent

“Written in a refreshing, crisp and precise manner”

Jan Schnitzler, VU University Amsterdam

In this new and fully updated Seventh Edition of Corporate Finance: Principles and Practice, the key principles and mathematical techniques are clearly explained step–by-step and put into practice through numerous vignettes which take a closer look at real-world and well-known companies.

What’s new?

  • Chapter vignettes refreshed to reflect the current economic and financial climate,
  • along with accompanying questions aiming to deepen student’s knowledge of key
  • contemporary issues 
  • All data and tables updated to reflect current trends in key economic variables and
  • developments in corporate finance
  • Chapter 1 revised to reflect recent developments in corporate governance
  • Chapter 11 updated to take account of the changes in UK anti-trust regulation

Denzil Watson and Antony Head are Principal Lecturers in Sheffield Business School at Sheffield Hallam University. They have extensive experience of teaching corporate finance, managerial finance and strategic financial management in a wide range of courses at undergraduate, postgraduate and professional level.

Corporate finance : principles and practice [7. edition]_Seventh edition

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