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Dynamics and Control of Robotic Systems
Dynamics and Control of Robotic Systems

Andrew Kurdila, Pinhas Ben-Tzvi

A comprehensive review of the principles and dynamics of robotic systems

Dynamics and Control of Robotic Systems offers a systematic and thorough theoretical background for the study of the dynamics and control of robotic systems. The authors―noted experts in the field―highlight the underlying principles of dynamics and control that can be employed in a variety of contemporary applications. The book contains a detailed presentation of the precepts of robotics and provides methodologies that are relevant to realistic robotic systems. The robotic systems represented include wide range examples from classical industrial manipulators, humanoid robots to robotic surgical assistants, space vehicles, and computer controlled milling machines.

The book puts the emphasis on the systematic application of the underlying principles and show how the computational and analytical tools such as MATLAB, Mathematica, and Maple enable students to focus on robotics’ principles and theory. Dynamics and Control of Robotic Systems ……

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