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Help Your Kids with Science

作者: Vorderman, Carol
出版年: 2012-6
页数: 256
定价: 138.00元
丛书: Help Your Kids
ISBN: 9781409383468

This is a simple, visual approach to helping your child understand science from Carol Vorderman. Reduce the stress of studying science and help your children with their homework by following “Help Your Kids with Science”, a unique visual guide that demystifies the subject for everyone. Using clear, accessible pictures, diagrams and easy-to-follow step-by-steps – and covering all the important areas of biology, chemistry and physics – you’ll learn to approach even the most complex science problems with confidence. This title includes a glossary of key science terms and symbols. “Help Your Kids with Science” is the perfect guide for every frustrated parent and desperate child, who want to understand science and put it into practice.

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