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Mindstorms: Children, Computers and Powerful Ideas

A history of freedom in Western culture traces the evolution of this cherished idea from ancient times to the modern day. Reprint. National Book Award winner. NYT.

Seymour Papert是一位数学家,也是人工智能的先驱之一, 与Wally Feurzeig 和 Cynthia Solomon一起发明了Logo这种用于教育的编程语言。此外,他也是国际公认的关于计算机如何影响学习的重要思想家。

This hook presents an exciting vision of education for the future—the collaboration of computers and children.
Computer-aided instruction no longer needs to mean “using computers to ‘program’ children.” Papert’s new computer
language LOGO is now enabling children to program the computer, mastering a powerful technology and coining into
contact with some of the “deepest ideas from science, mathematics, and model making. This book provides the
intellectual background for ”LOGO and explores its profound implications.
“Seymour Papert is the greatest of all living educational theorists. He puts into the hands of the child new concep-tual
tools and thus changes the learning experience from a matter of discipline and suffering into one of discovery and
excitement.”—MARVTNT MINSKY, Donner Professor of Science, MIT
“… a revolutionary book … a view of .computers in education that is refreshing as well as innovative.”—
“More valuable than all previous hooks on computers in education.”—TIM O’SHEA, Chairman, Society for the Study
of Artificial intelligence
SEYMOUR PAPERT is Professor of Mathematics and Cecil and Ida Green Professor of Education at the Massachusetts
In-stitute of Technology. He is the winner of the Marconi International Fellowship Award for 1981.

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